Simply Right Services

Cleaning banks and financial centers requires a commitment to security, efficiency, and consistency. Simply Right requires drug screenings and a rigorous interview process ensuring that our staff is professional, reliable, and trustworthy. Special care is given to alarm codes and keys to make sure your facility is secure from the time the janitors enter the building to the time they leave. From ATM stations to full-service banks to high-rise office buildings, Simply Right can clean your public areas, offices, electronic equipment, windows, and more.

Construction Clean-Up
Not only does Simply Right clean interiors of businesses, we also specialize in construction clean-up. Once a business or house is finished or near completion, Simply Right will go through and do a completely thorough clean of all debris inside and outside of the building. Employees are in trained to know how to interact with any hazardous or sensitive materials that might be at the site. Simply Right is always open to additional training involving specialized protocols or procedures for any project.

From a small offices to large corporations such as Zions Bank, a clean facility can improve workers’ health, morale, and daily operations. No job is too big or too small for Simply Right’s committed and well-trained staff. Simply Right takes care to leave the office furniture in the place as found.  Services provided include but are not limited to carpets, chairs, hard surfaces, bathrooms, lobbies, lunch areas, interior and exterior windows, glass partitions, doors, spot-clean walls. and more.

Commercial & Retail Buildings
Warehouses, storage facilities, and other commercial buildings see a lot of wear and tear. Let Simply Right help you keep your commercial building safe and sparkling with their wide range of specialized cleaning services. From your lobby to your storage area, Simply Right keeps your commercial and retail building clean, presentable, and safe. Simply Right focuses on removing debris, cleaning workstations and lunch areas, sweeping loading docks, and helping maintain a healthy work environment.

Government & Industrial
Outsourcing janitorial services for government buildings and facilities requires a commitment to security, professionalism, and quality. Special care is taken with alarm codes and keys to make sure facilities are secure from the time Simply Right enters the premises to the time they leave. The staff at Simply Right can be trained in any additional security protocols. Personal care is always a priority such as keeping furniture, papers, and equipment just as it was found.  As people put their trust in a business, business owners/operators have learned to put their trust in Simply Right.

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in hospitals, doctors’ offices, rehabilitation centers, and other healthcare environments. Simply Right products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and hypo-allergenic to ensure the safest environment for your patients and providers. Trained janitors can deal with any hazardous material at a hospital.  Following any additional protocols your facility might require is goal of Simply Right.