Construction Clean Up

>Not only does Simply Right clean interiors of businesses, they have now branched out to final construction clean-up. Once a business or house is finished or near completion, Simply Right will go through and do a completely thorough clean of all debris outside and inside the building. The Hazmat industry deals with sensitive equipment and materials. Simply Right continues to work on having a LEED-certified products and practices for this reason. Cleaning your construction areas and leaving any equipment in the same place it was found is a primary goal of Simply Right. The security of a construction area will always be on the top of Simply Right’s list of priorities. Employees are in training to know how to interact with any hazardous or sensitive materials that might be at a construction site. Simply Right is always open to additional training involving any specialized protocols or procedures for your facility. From workstations to public areas, Simply Right will provide you with a clean, sanitary, and professional work environment.